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What is World Wildlife Day?

It is a day dedicated to celebrating the world’s wild animals and plants and their contribution to our lives and the planet’s health.

On 3rd March 2023, Euro-Divers celebrated World Wildlife Day along with our guests.

Exploring The Reefs In The Maldives On World Wildlife Day


Some of the highlight events on this day included cleaning the lagoon and small rock island surrounding Kurumba Maldives, where we collected debris that had come our way through various currents in the ocean.

Dive trips to a marine-protected dive site to observe the rich diversity of marine life and some very successful snorkeling and diving trips with turtles.

Cleaning The Lagoon And Small Rock Island Surrounding Kurumba Maldives

A fun day for all!

The successful day was concluded with a marine life presentation, which took our guests and team through a different perspective of many sea creatures and reminded us how vital wildlife is to the ocean. It was a successful day spent among friends who care about nature.

There is so much going on in the ocean. Every day is an opportunity for us to step out and see what we can do to help.