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What is Women’s Dive Day?

Women’s Dive Day is an international celebration of female divers’ power and ability to step out of their comfort zone and embark on a new adventure. It is celebrated every year on July 15th to recognise the unique contributions that women have made to diving.

Women’s Dive Day encourages women worldwide to come together, learn about diving and celebrate their accomplishments in the sport. It is a day for all women, regardless of experience level, to come together and share stories, experiences, tips and advice about diving.

A Group Of Female Divers On Women'S Dive Day

Why Women Should Learn to Dive?

  1. Feel empowered and discover new strength
  2. Expand your horizons and get out of your comfort zone
  3. Improve physical and mental health
  4. Reduce stress and promote relaxation
  5. Reconnecting with yourself in nature and finding inner calm
  6. Make new friends and create lasting memories
  7. Exploring new places
Make New Friends And Create Lasting Memories

There is no better time to get started or get back into diving

Everyone is welcome to join us this Women’s Dive Day and immerse themselves in an unforgettable underwater experience with us.

See you on July 15th!

Eagle Rays Swimming Over The Reef In Maldives