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Cold weather, dreary grey skies, and time stuck indoors…for those who love all things summer and outdoor life these are a recipe for the winter blues.

Here at Euro-Divers Maldives we have the prevention and cure – a diving holiday in the Maldives during high season for a liberal drenching of winter sun and a high dose of Vitamin ‘Sea’!

Just as Autumn and winter take hold for many of our guests, the Maldives enters high season and in a destination that is fabulous all year round, you are right to have high expectations for the period between November to April – it’s simply magical.

A White Sand Beach On A Tropical Island In The Maldives With Crystal Clear Water And Swaying Palm Trees.

High season is defined by blue skies, occasional fluffy clouds, the tropical sun beating down and a glittering ocean that, on many days, is as flat as a mirror with a myriad of blues reflecting the sky creating an impossible reality where the horizon disappears, and you seem to be cruising the sky on your way to dive sites.

Diving from the boat in water so clear that the reef can be seen clearly even before jumping in is just one of the joys that await. Visibility can reach 40+ metres and creates stunning conditions for not only divers and snorkelers but avid photographers too – both above and below the surface.

If you want to put that summer feeling back into your life, come and visit Euro-Divers this winter season – the mantas, turtles, whale sharks and dive teams await! Check out our guide to choosing the right Maldives resort for you.