Welcome to Hurghada Markus

Welcome to Hurghada Markus

Since beginning of the month Markus is our new dive master candidate doing his internship with us.

welcome to hurghada markus  divemaster internshipMarkus will join Euro-Divers Hurghada team for the next 2 months to become a dive master. We wish him all the best and are looking forward to sharing great dives and experiences with him.

The Ramadan ended and we had a very nice iftar on the boat. The holiday season started in the European countries and so we have a lot of open water courses to do. Perfect for these new divers we had several encounters with dolphins at the surface and even some under water.

Iftar in  hurghada

Special offer for August 2015

Holiday time – picture time. This month the special offer is the DUP Course for 30 Euro plus book and certification fee.

Contact the Euro-Divers Hurghada team to find out more: grandhotel@euro-divers.com 

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