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As part of Euro-Divers’ Maldives 50th Anniversary celebrations we have created an incredible program of ‘Special Weeks’ and since sea turtles feature highly on our guests’ (and instructors!) must-see marine life list, we dedicated entire weeks to them!

Our dive centre at Kagi Maldives Spa Island was the first to enjoy a turtle week and it was enjoyed by guests and team alike. There were snorkelling and scuba diving adventures where lots of turtles were spotted. There was an opportunity to learn more about the different sea turtles we have here in the Maldives and this was very much appreciated by all who attended. A big thank you to all who made the week such a success.

Despite six of the seven species of sea turtles being listed as threatened, endangered or critically endangered worldwide, in the Maldives we are extremely fortunate to have regular sightings of two of the five species found here – the hawksbill turtle and green sea turtle.

Hawksbill Turtle

Hawksbill Turtle

Turtles can be seen by both snorkelers and divers on almost every trip to the reefs and here in the Maldives they are not shy at all, they are inquisitive and not at all bothered by your presence, you should however, give them space, behave respectfully and never touch or chase them, even if they approach you.

Either foraging on sponges or sea grass, resting on the reef or gracefully gliding up to the surface for their next breath, the turtles are mesmerising to watch and its encounters such as these that will etch themselves in your memories for years to come.

Green sea turtle

Green Sea Turtle

If you missed Kagi’s turtle week, there are three more dates across 5 dive centres where you can join in with the turtley fun:

  • 11-17th March at Amari, Club Med Finolhu, Club Med Kani
  • 9-15th April at Dhigali
  • 5-11th August at Meeru

We hope you can join us, and the turtles, for an incredible turtle week soon!