Turtle rescue at Velidhu

Turtle rescue at Velidhu

turtle rescue at Velidhu MaldivesOn the way to our first dive, we saw a turtle, which was entangled in a net. The captain drove near the turtle and our instructors jumped into the water to get the turtle to the boat.

Once on the boat, they cutted off the net to free the turtle. The animal was very quiet and didn’t move at all while all this was happening.

Only when she was free, she started paddling like if she wanted to say “thank you and good bye”.

Addition to the family

Harlequin ShrimpWhat a surprise – we found a whole family of Harlequin Shrimp on our dive site “Kuda Reef”.

There is a couple of parents and 2 little critters of them.

All our divers who discover these little animals are quite excited.