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There’s nothing like a brand new year to get yourself thinking about setting new goals and during 2020 you’ve probably had quite a lot of time to dream about them!

Euro-Divers offers many exciting scuba diving and watersports activities to try during your 2021 holiday; here are our top 3 suggestions for inspiration:

Get Certified

In 2020 most of us became accustomed to ‘online everything’, from work and meetings to quizzes and art classes, learning to dive, or furthering your PADI diving qualifications is just as easy with PADI eLearning. Choose your course, study at home, take the quizzes and then complete the fun water elements of the course when you arrive on holiday! Many courses are available, from beginners Open Water Diver, to Rescue Diver, from Advanced Open Water to Digital Underwater Photographer to name but a few. Check the full list with more information about PADI eLearning.

Fluo Diving

Experience the otherworldly phenomenon that is fluo diving, a night dive that is destined to be the most magical you ‘ve ever done. Special lights and filters enable you to see the reef as you’ve never seen it before, get ready to discover the hidden beauty of corals and fish.

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

There’s nothing more serene that gliding across a sparkling lagoon on a stand-up paddle board, just the sound of your paddle cutting through the water and if you’re lucky a dolphin surfacing for air. Challenge yourself to engage your core and keep your balance at one of Euro-Divers Watersports Centres.