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Vincent van Gogh once said: “I often think the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day”, those who have ever experienced night diving might find themselves in this quote. It’s a mysterious world that will enchant you with its wonderful creatures that you often don’t see during the day. Below you will find a description of Euro-Divers Maldives best locations for night diving in no particular order.

1. Havodda Maldives – Sharks and Amazing Macro Life

Night dives in Euro-Divers Havodda Maldives can be done either by boat or at their amazing house reef. By boat, you can visit two amazing thila’s (underwater mountains) just a few minutes away from the resort. Point Thila is a feast for macro life, you can spend minutes at a time just in one spot looking for shrimps, mantis, lobsters, nudibranchs, and if you are lucky maybe even a leaf fish. Kuda Hafsa Thila also has some amazing macro life, but when the current is right the main attraction will be a group of Grey Reef sharks just swimming about on the tip of the Thila. Just see how active they become at night. And finally the Havodda house reef. During the day this reef is already an amazing sight full of some of the healthiest hard corals, but at night you can find a lot of small creatures just crawling around the corals. When you are lucky, you might even see some nurse sharks. You could even add another dimension to the corals by using FLUO lights.

2. Eriyadu Island Resort – Spectacular Shark Show

Night dives on Euro-Divers Eriyadu Island Resort house reef are not only about the small little creatures, it’s actually full of action. You may see Jack fishes, nurse sharks, and blacktip sharks hunting, and using our lights to perform a spectacular show.

This unique experience will make you feel like you’re in a cinema. Just float back, relax and grab some popcorn, because you don’t need to go anywhere else. If you do like to move around a little more, you might find some lobsters, lionfish, batfish, sleeping parrotfish, or stingrays who love to pass by or just rest on the sandy bottom.

3. Kagi Maldives – Hidden Treasure

The Euro-Divers Kagi Maldives house reef can be classified as one of the best house reefs in the Maldives. Expect to see healthy corals, bright colorful tropical fishes, and cute sea creatures like sea turtles, white tip reef sharks, moray eels, and a chance to spot a few nurse sharks sleeping. The Kagi house reef is a hidden treasure to feast the eyes of any scuba diver. Ideal for divers who have never done a night dive before or don’t have that much experience with night diving.

4. Kurumba Maldives – Rare Giant Guitar Fish at Tuna Factory

Tuna Factory, Fish Tank, Kandu’oiy Giri, Chicken Island, this well-known dive site has different names, but what is important is that it is always a great place to dive, especially at night. You can discover a minimum of three different types of rays and a variety of moray eels of all sizes and colors. But this place has even more to offer, you might be able to witness a very rare giant guitarfish (more commonly known as ‘guitar shark’). Right before it gets completely dark, this shy and completely harmless to humans (2-3 meters) fish comes to the shallow waters of the sandy area next to the Tuna Factory. His strange and unique body shape always seems to impress the divers!

Bonus: guitarfish sometimes, come with some friends such as juvenile blacktip sharks or nurse sharks. Together they will circle around the dive site and at times they will come up to the shallow part of the reef and afterward disappear again in the deep. At one time the guitarfish even came with an unexpected friend, a great hammerhead shark, so you’ll never know what Tuna Factory will show you at night.

5. Meeru Island Resort & Spa – Wreck Diving at Night

There is something mysterious and adventurous about wreck diving but imagine doing a wreck dive at night. At Euro-Divers Meeru Island Resort this is possible. Only 15 minutes by boat from Meeru Island, there is a dive site called ‘West Rock’ where a small cargo shipwreck can be found which was sunk there for divers around ‘99. Because the top side of the wreck is quite shallow, this dive is suitable for divers that are limited in their depth and the sandy slope alongside the wreck makes it easily accessible for any level of divers. The wreck itself is covered by beautiful corals where you can find some amazing macro life like the colorful nudibranchs or the well-camouflaged scorpionfish. This dive can also be done as a FLUO dive, which adds a new view of the wreck and its creatures as well.

Wreck Diving At Night Maldives

6. Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa – Find the Popular Leaf Fish Between the Colorful Corals

At Euro-Divers Vilamendhoo’s house reef, you can get amazed by all the critters that come out to hunt at night and show you a whole new world. Octopus, reef sharks, and giant groupers all come out to search for their next prey and you can have a front-row ticket to witness it all. The light of the torches also allows you to see the corals in all their glory. You’ll be able to see their actual colors and if you stick around long enough, you might even see them capturing some plankton with their tentacles. Try to have a close look in between the corals and you might even find the most wanted and well-camouflaged leaf fish. This master of camouflage is on a lot of divers bucket lists, with a little bit of luck you might be able to check it off your own list.

Leaf Fish Night Diving Maldives Vilamendhoo