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Diving In Raa Atoll

Raa Atoll, in the north of the Maldives, is renowned for its incredible dive sites. Especially the beautiful underwater islands known as ‘thilas’ in the local language and to the Maldives’ dive crowd. The countless thilas are havens for marine life, bursting with color and diversity, an underwater photographer’s and videographer’s paradise. The Euro-Divers teams at Alila and Dhigali consider themselves very fortunate to live in Raa Atoll and to share amazing dive sites with their guests each day. Raa Atoll has some of the best diving in the Maldives.

Raa Atoll is a year-round diving destination. With the seasons following the Maldives pattern of the low season between May and November, there is more chance of showers and clouds. The high season between December and April brings less wind, less rain and greater visibility underwater.

As divers, there’s always a solution to a rainy day – go diving! Water temperatures remain a balmy 28-29 degrees Celsius all year round so a shorty wetsuit is all you should need.

The Top 5 Dive Sites in Raa Atoll

Whenever you decide to visit Raa Atoll, these 5 top-rated dive sites will impress even the most traveled divers.

#1 Labyrinth

The dive site is a maze of canyon-like passages that are covered in stunning gorgonian sea fans making this an interesting site to explore. It is a haven for a large variety of schooling fish of many different types. Healthy corals and anthias cover the top reef. Occasional turtles, sting rays and sharks are seen here or on the sandy bottom surrounding the reef.

Labyrinth In Raa Atoll Maldives

#2 The Manta Points of Bodu Thila & Sola Corner

Both these dive sites are cleaning stations for the majestic manta rays. Mantas can be seen at Bodu Thila from June through to November and at Sola Corner from December through to June. Giving Raa Atoll a year-round manta season!

Manta Points Of Bodu Thila &Amp; Sola Corner Raa Atoll

#3 Vaadhoo Thila

A great dive site for shark enthusiasts. Divers will love this small pinnacle where from January to April, you can see grey reef sharks swimming around at 15-18 meters. Turtles and stingrays can be found on the beautiful overhangs. On the top reef, large anemones with their resident clownfish, schools of fusiliers, and jackfish will welcome the divers.

Maldives Raa Atoll Vaadhoo Thila

#4 Beriyan Thila

Beriyan Thila is two dive sites in one – explore the main thila as well as the smaller adjacent thila. Dive along the reef wall. Admire the overhangs with ceilings dripping with colorful soft coral. Dive with the friendly school of batfish that likes to hang out here and follow you around the dive site!

Beriyan Thila Raa Atoll Maldives

#5 Kudathulhaadhoo Thila

Sitting in a channel, Kudathulhaadhoo Thila dive site can have strong currents at times and is considered an advanced dive. The plateau with big boulder corals provides just enough shelter to hide from the currents and watch the sharks cruising around. The reef boasts a variety of healthy corals and an abundance of schooling fish. Deep and shallow overhangs with an array of soft corals add to the beauty of this interesting reef.

Kudathulhaadhoo Thila Raa Atoll Maldives

Other Activities

During your free time from diving, or for non-diving holiday companions, we recommend taking a private speedboat to snorkel with turtles. Or a trip to Hanifaru Bay for unforgettable manta experiences.

Sunset dolphin cruises and catamarans are popular activities at Alila, and Dhigali. Take the opportunity for a bird’s-eye-view of the reefs and islands while parasailing.

See you in Raa soon, bring your bucket list and get ready to dive the top 5 dive sites of Raa Atoll!