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Families visiting the Maldives are spoilt for choice when it comes to activities – especially those involving what the Maldives does best – the ocean! This island nation has sparkling  aquamarine lagoons, soft sandy beaches and unimaginable marine life, making it one of the best destinations in the world for scuba diving, snorkelling and water sports – activities that the whole family can enjoy together with Euro-Divers.

Scuba Diving

Discover Scuba Diving is the perfect introduction to life in the ocean and it’s suitable for anyone aged 10 and above. Learn a few simple skills; practice them with your instructor in shallow water and then head off together for an underwater adventure! Kids age 8 and 9 years can take part in the Bubblemaker sessions and complete their own ‘mini dives’ in the lagoon. If, after trying it, you get completely hooked, there’s also the option to take a diving course together. Qualified divers can take trips out to explore the reefs with our experienced guides. Dinner conversation is sure to be full of the incredible creatures seen during the day’s dives.

Water Sports

Experience the water from a different perspective – atop the waves! Whether you’re a family of thrill-seeking adrenalin junkies or the laid back type, there are water sports to enjoy. Take the jet skis for a spin, see which member of the family can wakeboard or water ski the longest and round it all off with an exhilarating ride on the fun tubes! If a slower pace is desired, take the stand-up paddle boards or kayaks out for a more gentle way to enjoy paradise.


This iconic Maldives activity can be enjoyed by anyone in the family who can swim. Join us for a spectacular snorkel excursion to unspoilt reefs that are home to an incredible abundance of marine creatures. Encounter huge shoals of brightly coloured fish, turtles, rays, moray eels and even the ocean’s gentle giants – the manta rays and whale sharks.

No matter what your idea of a perfect family holiday is, you’re sure to find it in the Maldives with Euro- Divers.

Get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime!