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Here at Euro-Divers Egypt we place a great importance on ensuring our diving is both sustainable and responsible, with team training, courses for divers, and taking part in worldwide and local initiatives.

Locally, here in Egypt, we are fortunate to share the reefs around Hurghada and El Quseir with several groups of dolphins, mainly the Indo Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops Aduncus). The Euro-Divers dive centres here have extensive information regarding these wild animals and both snorkellers and divers receive a special dolphin briefing. Amongst other important information is identification, how to recognise when a dolphin is asleep or wants to play, and how to behave when approached by them.

Bottlenose Dolphin Red Sea Egypt Sustainable &Amp; Responsible Diving 13/06/2024

Throughout Euro-Divers Worldwide, we operate a ‘no touch’ policy, collecting of marine life as souvenirs and the feeding of fish are prohibited. Divers are asked to ensure their hoses and gauges are secured properly and to maintain good buoyancy to avoid touching or kicking the reef.

There is a variety of courses for divers who are interested in marine conservation and biodiversity, as well as furthering their skills that will contribute to marine protection:

  • Underwater Naturalist Specialty
  • Fish Identification Specialty
  • AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty and Whale Shark Awareness
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty

Worldwide initiatives that Euro-Divers is involved with include Green Fins and PADI Project Aware.

Green Fins provides diving and snorkelling operators with environmental standards to follow as well as posters and signs for reminding all who venture into the ocean of their responsibilities to the fragile marine environment – you’ll see these in our dive centres.

PADI Project Aware – Project Aware International Clean-Up Day is an annual event and the staff teams, along with guests at Euro-Divers join this worldwide community event in cleaning up local beaches and reefs.

Oceanic White Tip Egypt Sustainable &Amp; Responsible Diving 13/06/2024

Being able to visit the marine habitats of our blue planet is a privilege and as such we have a duty to protect it and preserve it, not only for future generations, but for the natural inhabitants of the seas and oceans.

We look forward to showing you the amazing sites of the Southern Red Sea soon and, if nature is on our side, you can admire the fascinating dolphins and learn a bit more about them.