Study Now, Dive Later with Euro-Divers Maldives

Study Now, Dive Later with Euro-Divers Maldives

If you’re currently staying at home to stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic and want something to keep yourself busy, check out the PADI e-learning programs that enable the theory sections of many scuba diving courses to be completed online. Euro-Divers has a wide range of these PADI scuba diving courses available – from absolute beginner up to Rescue Diver and lots of Specialty courses too!

You may not be able to go diving right now but you can immerse yourself in dive theory and with the classroom parts of your chosen course already complete, you will simply need to complete the dives with us here in the Maldives when travel is once again possible.

**PADI is currently offering 25% discount for eLearning courses**

Euro-Divers’ most popular PADI e-Learning programs for studying the theory online:

  • PADI Open Water Diver – the most popular entry-level scuba diving course in the world and a gateway to a lifetime of adventure. Learn to dive with theory sessions, confined water skills practice and 4 open water dives. Once certified, you’ll be qualified to dive pretty much anywhere in the world, to a depth of 18 meters.
  • PADI Advanced Open Water – take this as soon as you wish after the PADI Open Water course for more exploration, excitement and experience! You will build your diving skills and become much more comfortable in the water. The 5 dives will introduce you to underwater navigation, deep diving (to a maximum depth of 30 metres) and three more areas of your choice such as nitrox diving and underwater photography.
  • PADI Rescue Diver – This course is often cited as the most rewarding course a diver can take – knowing what to do in an emergency at the surface or underwater gives an incredible boost to your own diving confidence. Learn and practice vital skills for self-rescue, diver stress, emergency management and helping unresponsive divers during the 3-4 day course. Suitable for those who have completed the Advanced course or equivalent.
  • PADI Enriched Air Diver – With the amazing encounters waiting for you on the reefs, you’ll want to get the most from your dives. Diving with Enriched Air, also known as Nitrox, means you will be exposed to less nitrogen and can therefore enjoy longer bottom times at depth, shorter surface intervals for repetitive dives or simply reap the rewards in terms of a reduced risk of nitrogen related diving illness. Open to all certified divers.
  • PADI Digital Underwater Photographer – Learn how to shoot like a pro! If your photos of the marine life don’t capture the beauty of what you’ve actually seen and just look a bit blue/green, this course is a great opportunity to discover how to take better pictures underwater. Instagram worthy shots will soon be yours!

To find out about the entire list of courses available or for further details of those listed above, please contact us: