A Very Small Love Story

A Very Small Love Story

I saw seahorses for the first time in the aquarium from the zoo in Antwerp.

Hypnotized for hours watching these creatures with a head like a horse, eyes that rotated in all directions, and some of them even got a pouch on the front like a Kangaroo.

From this moment on they became my favorite animal. These amazing creatures come to visit us year after year on several dive-sites in Cala Joncols. One of the most remarkable things about the seahorse is its mating habits. The love story goes like this:

Every morning they come together, dance, and twirl around with their tails linked together. Once the dance is finished they separate for the rest of the day. But the love story does’t end there. While mating, seahorses utter musical sounds and mating is usually done under a full moon.

Amazing, but it is still not over.

Seahorses are the only animals in the entire animal kingdom whereby the male has babies. The female seahorse deposits eggs in the male’s small pouch and the eggs are then fertilized by the male.

For more stories, some scuba diving in Spain and maybe an unforgettable meeting with a seahorse come and see us between april and october 2016.

Falling in love with them makes it easier to protect them!