September brought the 1 millionth guest to the Maldives

September brought the 1 millionth guest to the Maldives

September brought the 1 millionth guest to the Maldives 1In September we had the pleasure to accommodate the extremely talented film production staff from “Behind the Mask” who were filming a video for the new revolutionary product design “iBubble” an autonomous underwater drone.

It was a fascinating but hectic 7 days with both teams here but overall a complete success from all parties. Take a look at the work of “Behind the Mask” here:

We were thoroughly inspired by how much thought and planning goes into one single video clip.

The iBubble is also an exciting new addition to the scuba, snorkeling and free-diving world, it can be controlled simply with a wireless remote in your hand, the drone will follow you from behind, on the side, in front of you or even do 360 degree around you to make an amazing video/picture of you underwater.

We are extremely excited to see the final product released into the markets, to find out more follow this link

September brought the 1 millionth guest to the Maldives 3In other exciting news this September brought the 1 millionth guest to the Maldives this year and we were lucky enough to greet this couple at Meeru Resort.

With no idea about anything until they stepped off of the plane in Male Airport, this couple had a whirlwind of a honeymoon right from the offset.

We tried our best to add to their spectacular moment and make this holiday truly unforgettable with, romantic catamaran sailing into the sunset, thrilling jet ski rides to go and find our resident pod of dolphins.

Last but not least a private scuba diving experience with a personal underwater photographer.

Wedding dress and all, we had a wonderful day with the added bonus of manta rays, stingrays and plentiful marine life.

September brought the 1 millionth guest to the Maldives 5September and October have also brought some manta magic at our natural underwater theater “Lankan Manta Point”. During the past 2 months we’ve encountered 123 Manta Rays, recorded 5 pregnancies and had 31 out of 33 successful sightings on trips.

During the month of September, Lankan Manta Ray Cleaning station was incredibly active giving everyone an amazing show of these gentle giants, during the month of October a meteorological disturbance brought with it plentiful plankton giving our guests the opportunity to swim with feeding manta rays during both diving and snorkeling excursions. We’ve made some great memories for the past two months and hope they continue throughout November.

With our resident marine biologist and Manta Trust representative on board all trips you don’t just get to see these animals but understand them and learn more about them too. If you were on one of these trips and want to know more about the Mantas you encountered send Jessica an email to with your name and date of your trip and she can try to provide you with more information.

September brought the 1 millionth guest to the Maldives 7Water Sports is also running in full swing with many fun and memory-making activities for our in-house guests.

Jet Ski tours to search for dolphins is one of the most unforgettable experiences we can offer here at Meeru, especially when the unexpected manta rays also join you for the ride.

The past two months have brought with them some good winds and as speed enthusiasts we surely made the most out of all windsurfing opportunities with eager to learn guests.

Halloween was a day to remember here in the Dive and Water sports center. The center and the team transformed overnight into a haunted extravaganza.

September brought the 1 millionth guest to the Maldives 9Team awards go to Shafee our compressor tender for making a spectacular zombie fairy throughout the whole day. Our team sure knows how to put on a good show as we lead our group of afternoon divers on a mission to find the lost treasure of the Haunted West Rock Shipwreck. Sharing the tale of horror as to how this shipwreck came to be, only to be shared with those willing to find the treasure buried deep inside and protected by the spirits….

The Euro-Divers team here at Meeru hope to see you all for again for these memorable encounters both under and above the water 🙂

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