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If you’re a qualified diver, at least 18 years old, have at least logged dives, and are looking for your next underwater challenge, Euro-Divers Egypt has just the thing – the PADI Self Reliant Diver course.

Although it’s great to dive with a buddy for most of your dives, we’ve probably all been in situations where we wish we could just enjoy the dive on our own, go at our own pace, and not worry about anyone else, this is especially true where underwater photographers are concerned.

It can be frustrating to miss the perfect shot due to a buddy’s fin getting too close and scaring the subject away, or feeling under pressure to get moving rather than wait for the fish to face the right direction before you take the photo. It might just be that you prefer just your own bubbles for company and want to focus on nothing more than your breathing and the moment, practising mindfulness underwater is a wonderful experience.

As a PADI Self Reliant Diver, you will have the training, skills and confidence to dive independently without a buddy, you’ll also have greater confidence when diving as part of a group, especially if that group is far less experienced than yourself.

A Self-Reliant Diver Comes Face-To-Face With A Majestic Manta Ray While Exploring The Underwater World Of Southern Egypt.

Manta Encounter in Southern Egypt

A self-reliant diver greets a majestic manta ray while exploring the underwater world of Southern Egypt.

The course itself starts with a skill check where you instructor will ensure you have the underlying skills needed before building on them. You’ll become familiar with diving with more gear – a second computer, a slate, surface marker buoy and a stage/pony bottle to enable self-rescue in emergency situations. Calculating air consumption rates, handling emergencies solo and detailed dive planning, swimming without a mask and navigation are amongst the skills you will practice and learn during the three training dives prior to the final exam.

If this sounds like the challenge you’ve been waiting for and your ticket to freedom underwater, contact Euro-Divers at Utopia Beach Club to find out how to get started.