Scuba Diving With Great White Sharks

PADI came out on July 13 with this fantastic video on YouTube about scuba diving with Great white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias). The video is about six minutes long and the images are really something to see.

Whatever you feel about sharks, PADI invites you to

Meet the divers and crew who scuba dive with massive great white sharks, and you’ll soon see the notorious great white in a different light.

The video is set at Guadalupe Island, off Mexico.

Great white sharks are the largest predatory fish on Earth. They grow to an average of 4.6 meters in length. Great whites exceeding 6 meters and weighing up to 2,268 kilograms have been recorded.

Unfortunately, the number of Great whites are decreasing because of overfishing and being caught in gill nets. They are listed as an endangered species.

Hopefully the common perception of the Great white shark being only a killing machine will change as we learn more about these elegant and fascinating animals.

So if you have a moment, have a look. We hope that you will enjoy this video as much as we did.