When new or familiar to scuba diving in the Mediterranean Sea or Atlantic ocean, the experience is a delight for your eyes.

Mother nature have worked hard on the rough landscapes from either the mountain slopes that end deep in the Mediterranean Sea at Cala Joncols or the volcanic activity that created the marvelous shapes of the island of Lanzarote.

The waters around Spain are inhabited by many beautiful creatures, corals and more.

Being able to encounter big life as the elegant rays, big tunas, schooling barracudas and more, also being marveled by the cute seahorses or colorful nudibranchs.

Euro-Divers Spain will give you an scuba experience never to forget, the experienced and professional team at your disposal will let you feel what it is to be “Diving with Friends”.


Euro-Divers provides diving in two oceans. The beautiful Mediterranean Sea and the great Atlantic Ocean.

At the end where the Pyrenees meets the Mediterranean Sea is a wonderful and magical place which you never have seen before.

Cala Joncols is the place to get “one” with nature, above and underwater in the Natural Parc of Cap de Creus.

Surrounded by the great Atlantic Ocean the beautiful and diverse Canary Islands is the place where the natural elements are leaving their impressive marks.

Lanzarote is known as the Island of eternal spring with its marvelous beaches and rough volcanic landscapes, it is a unimaginable place to be.


As per our motto, continuing scuba diving education, brings additional safety while diving, the dive shop offers several scuba specialties such as Nitrox diver, Re breather diving, Underwater Naturalist, Drift Diver, Deep Diver and many more.

From beginner diver to diving instructor levels, we cater for your diving needs and preferences.

Our diving instructors have many years of international experience in the diving industry. 15 full sets of diving gear are for rent, the newest diving equipment and much more will cater for all your personal diving needs.

The diving tanks are brought directly to the beach for the convenience of all divers.

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