Scuba Diving Oman

Scuba diving Oman - Wreck diving

Scuba diving in Oman to the very best dives sites such as Ras Abou Daoud and the Daymaniat and Fahal Islands is best done with Euro-Divers Oman.

Oman has great diving conditions through the year and divers will be delighted by the abundant marine life.

There are soft and hard corals providing shelter to a diverse reef life. And there is always a chance for divers to see different whale and dolphin species. As well as turtles, rays and sharks.

If you are looking to learn to dive in Oman, we offer diving courses for all who are passionate about the sea.

Our diving instructors will help you learn not only the skills that are necessary to feel comfortable while scuba diving but will also introduce you this fantastic marine life.


Euro-Divers Oman

scuba diving oman euro divers oman

Euro-Divers caters not only to divers and students. Non-divers are welcome to join the dive boat and enjoy snorkeling in the warm waters of the Oman Gulf.

Euro-Divers is located at the Waterfront & Marina Services SAOG. An ideal departure point for some of the best diving in Oman.

An exciting kaleidoscope of images and sounds mixed with the spices from a rich legacy on the maritime trade in the region, which can still be seen today at the local market of its capital, Muscat. 

Oman has its roots in the sea with Sinbad the sailor, the most famous ‘Omani’.

Muscat has been the intersection of commercial trade between Africa and Asia for centuries, their mountains, beaches and valleys are mentioned in many manuscripts found in several museums around the world.

  • It is forbidden to use gloves while diving!
  • We need to ask for prior approval to dive at the marine protected area, like the Damanyiat islands.
  • For night dives: we need to coordinate night dives with the coastguard
  • The use of spear-guns is prohibited during diving activities
  • It is forbidden to cut fishing nets under water without permission from the ministry of environment.
  • We organize every 2 months a clean up with them!
  • 80% of the coast of Oman is still undiscovered!
  • Between Sur and Salalah there are lots of wrecks but its not allowed to dive on them!
  • The only wreck where divers are allowed to dive on is the “Al Munassir” in Muscat!
  • During Ramadan all the bars are closed and there except for your hotel room, there is nowhere you can consume alcohol!