Faarufushi Island resort

Faaru Fushi boasts an extremely healthy and lively surrounding reef, with areas of particular beauty unseen on most Maldivian house reefs.

As you approach the West side of Faaru Fushi, coral blocks become giant forests of bushy corals, inundated with glass fish and, if you look closely enough, long-nosed hawkfish. Keep your eyes on the blue for dogtooth tuna and whole families of napoleon wrasse as you pass by here. The top reef is exceptionally abundant with healthy hard corals, turtles, 3 different species of anemone fish, and unicorn and surgeonfish grazing.

Travelling along the South side up until the water villa jetty, overhangs start to give way to coral blocks and a gentle slope down. While the most exciting part of the reef takes place in the shallows, you can still find stingrays and moray eels on the bottom. Eagle rays and large dogtooth tuna are common, as well as massive schools of blue-striped yellow snapper who follow your camera as you pan around to take in the view. In this area and you will find a sight worthy of your camera in the form of a reef ‘window’ at 3m in the shape of a heart!

On the North side you will discover hidden wonders in the form of magnificent overhangs and swim throughs. Looking inside these small caves you might find sleeping nurse sharks, black-blotched or feathertail stingrays or resting turtles, while outside huge schools of fusiliers and bannerfish drift by in the gentle current.

Bushy soft corals and hydroids frame openings that seem to be windows looking down on the reef from the shallow top at about 5m.

Take the opportunity during your visit to Faaru Fushi to indulge in one of the best house reefs the Maldives has offer. This spectacular reef will definitely not disappoint and is the ideal sporting and nature experience for divers and snorkelers, young and old!

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