scuba team

Natalie Skipworth (UK, English),

Position: Dive Centre and Watersports Manager

Living in the Maldives since 2010 has shown me an amazing variety of life on land and under the sea, and I encourage everyone to experience diving or snorkeling at least once here in the Maldives. I have been with Euro-Divers since 2014, and I and my team are here on Dhigali to make your holiday dreams come true.

Nikolai Guskov (Russia, Russian),

Position: Assistant Dive Centre & Watersports

I have been in the Maldives since 2012 and am still amazed by the underwater life here. I love diving and teaching, and can’t wait to show you the beauty of the ocean.

franceCarole Boulidard (France, French),

Position: Diving Instructor

I started diving 10 years ago, and am a Marine Biologist and Dive Instructor. I am always happy to share my passion and want to share it with you!

Shafieu (Maldives, Divehi/English),

Position: Watersports Instructor

After starting in watersports in 2012, I joined Euro-Divers in 2016. I like the sea and looking at the clouds in the sky with a blank mind. I always wanted to be a great watersports instructor and my positive attitude will help you to experience the best the Maldives has to offer.

Yuan Zhang (China, Mandarin)

Position: Diving Instructor

I started diving in Egypt in 2010 and since then have been doing nothing but diving. From the Red Sea to Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Palau and now the Maldives, for me this world below the surface has ever so much more to explore and to experience. I hope you find it just as interesting and I look forward to diving with you in Dhigali.


Abdulla (Maldives, Divehi/English)

Position: Compressor Attendant

I’m Abdo – from my childhood marine life was one of my favourite things. I spent my teenage years mostly in the marine environment, and being a professional diver is my dream. Now I’m working with Euro-Divers in Dhigali Maldives, and I give my full output to make sure all our clients are spending a remarkable time with us.


Haleem (Maldives, Divehi/English)

Position: Watersports Instructor

I lost my heart to the ocean! From my teenage years working in watersports was my dream. At the beginning of 2017 I got the chance to join the Euro-Divers team as a Watersports Instructor. I would love to teach you waters ports activities and take you out for sailing, to give you a fantastic holiday in the Maldives with the Euro-Divers Dhigali team.