Scuba diving team


Karlis Antoms

Position: Dive & Water Sports Center Manager

Born in a watersports enthusiast family, Karlis was exposed to water from an early age. After working in the Philippines and Egypt, he found his paradise – The Maldives! Already here for more than 6 years, he is still eager to teach anyone interested in the underwater world.



Betty Betty

Position: Diving Instructor

I started diving in Malaysia, Sipadan. Then I found my own peace underwater and fell in love with the Ocean. So I came to Maldives, a beautiful country surrounded by the blue water. If you want to see a very different world, or experience the no gravity space, come to dive. I’m here looking forward to explore this wonderful world with you.



Position: Diving Instructor




Salaah AbdullaSalaah Abdulla

Position: Senior Boat Captain

Salaah has been working as a boat captain for more than 15 years in the Maldives. His favorite part of the job is meeting new people and giving them a great service. He also loves Big Game Fishing

Marsha AhmedmaldivesMarsha Ahmed: Senior Excursion guide/GRO

Marsha was born and raised in Male, the capital of Maldives. She fell in love with the sea from an early age being brought up surrounded by the crystal clear waters. After her studies she went on to work as a recreation guide for 4 years. She especially loves to teach snorkeling and swimming to children. Her hobby is freediving and she is looking forward to become a freediving instructor in the future.



Jinah Ahmed maldivesJinah Ahmed: Assistant Dive & Water Sports Center Manager

Jinah was born in Gaafu Alifu atoll Maamendhoo, one of the Southern atolls of Maldives. He grew a love for watersports in an early age while sailing with his grandfather. From then on he set out to become a watersports instructor. He has 10 years of experience in this field. Sailing and diving are his favorite activities. Always enthusiastic to teach anyone interested!



Mohamed Abdul Rahmaan (Divey)

Position: Watersports Instructor

I’m Divey, a Watersports instructor since 2007 even before I became an instructor it was my lifestyle and I love it.