scuba team

kaicroatiagermanyKai Behrend

Position: Dive Center Manager

It is a long story behind, what finally led me to Stara Baska on the beautiful island of Krk in Croatia, surely too long to be told here. Since my earliest childhood up to today Scuba Diving for me still is the most fascinating thing one can experience. Ergo sum in 1996 I made it my profession and am allowed to say: “ I’ve seen the world in diving”. Some of you do know that I’ve also been living some years in the Maldives working for EURO-DIVERS as a dive centre manager on a couple of islands. Especially Eriyadu will remain unforgotten. A lot of our fantastic guests I met there and not a few have become truly friends. The 1st of April 2013, in the 7th year working for EURO-DIVERS I could open the doors of the new dive centre here in Stara Baska on the island of Krk. I’m happily looking forward to welcome you also here. The island is a dream and the dive region awesome. After almost 18 years of professional diving I feel very well to say that. Not the Maldives, not the Red Sea but surely the Croatian Adriatic Sea with all its Mediterranean facets – borderless view in crystal clear water, a tremendous underwater landscape and much more fish than widely believed. Fantastic diving in imposing wrecks, beautiful grown steep drop offs with caves and canyons, that surely are impressive… and this so easy to reach and so close to “my house at the sea”.

vinkocroatiaVinko Mihajic

Position: Dive Master – Boat Captain

“Born in Stara Baska” … this is Vinko’s answer if one asks him, where he is from. He is inventory, not to be taken away and a real multi tool. He is the captain of our boat “Katarina” and a remarkable Divemaster, who knows this place like the back of his hand. So he has always been here, even before us and the Stara Baska repeaters do know him for many years. There is no place, no dive site which Vinkic, how the people here call him, wouldn’t know by its first name. He also does have his own wreck. He found it right off the little island Galun, just in front of our door and now it carries his name. This does say a lot about Vinkic – exploring and discovering and the passion to share these moments with our diving guests. Night diving as an example is a very favourite of him and he knows how to win somebody for it. “ thaaat big nudibranches and soooo big octopuses … lots of everywhere!!” you should experience it and yourself. Vinkic dives and inspires since a long time now and he is enthusiastic as all of us to welcome you, to show you his home underwater as well as on land.. and be aware, his smile and his laughter is extremely contagious.