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The weather in May was an up and down. It changed from more than 30 degrees to thunderstorm and also sandstorms. The water temperature rises steadily and is now over 23 degrees.

During Ramadan, we had a curfew from 9pm to 6am. During the feast after ramadan, curfew was extended for one week. From 5pm to 6am all shops, beaches and official buildings were closed. Also no buses, trains or even taxis were allowed to go.

Since middle of may, some few hotels were allowed to open following hard hygienic rules. They were only allowed to rent 25% of their rooms. Since first of June, they can open with a maximum capacity of 50%.

Here in the dive centre, we prepare everything for the reopening. Signs with safety rules for our guests and also for the staff have been placed. We are looking forward the hotel to open so that we can open, too.

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