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It has been fantastic to be at the bustling European Dive Shows and Fairs once again – they were a huge success with many, many visitors, trade stands, a great atmosphere, and the buzz one feels when excited about travel and forthcoming holidays! It was great to see so many of our repeater guests there and to meet those of you who came to chat about visiting us for the first time.

Paris International Dive Show 25th Anniversary

This year saw Paris International Dive Show celebrate its 25th Anniversary and it was great to be part of that and to celebrate our 21st year of participation in the show. We were amongst 470 exhibitors, greeting a staggering 65,340 visitors over the 4-day show. Odile, Jan, Thomas, Sebastian, Jose, and Christian represented Euro-Divers and welcomed visitors and many repeaters. It was great to see the dive community out in large numbers and so excited about travelling to our incredible destinations. Apart from the Maldives, which is always very popular, we answered many questions about diving in Thailand, Mauritius, and Japan. It was a very busy dive show and we thank all our repeaters that came to see us. All our repeaters have received a Euro-Divers pocket light; we hope you come back next year to see us again!

Mauritius Cyclone News

At the same time, we were attending the show, our teams in Mauritius experienced a very strong cyclone which caused damage and we had to postpone activities for almost two weeks, but we are happy to announce that everyone is safe and that we have just reopened fully. Manu and James are looking forward to seeing you blowing bubbles in this amazing southern part of the Indian Ocean soon.

  • 3 Paris &Amp; Düsseldorf 2024 Dive Show Success 21/07/2024
  • 4 Paris &Amp; Düsseldorf 2024 Dive Show Success 21/07/2024
  • 10 Paris &Amp; Düsseldorf 2024 Dive Show Success 21/07/2024
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Paris Show Ocean Clean Up Challenge

All our teams in the Maldives participated in a challenge, set up by the Paris Show, to clean up the ocean and, together with guests, they did just that with fantastic results over a two-month period. The challenge may be complete, but we will continue with our conservation programs and contributions to protect our marine environment. You can help by collecting anything in the ocean, or on beaches, that doesn’t belong there – our dive centre teams will always provide our support for the collection of rubbish and the disposal of it.

Boot Düsseldorf

Boot Düsseldorf was extremely well attended with 214,000 visitors across the 9 days. Our stand was a big hit: the virtual reality of spectacular Maldives diving proved to much too attractive to resist – much like actualy reality! The team greeted many familiar faces of repeater guestst as well as met lots who are planning a trip to see us soon. Everyone enjoyed taking part in the raffles, all trying to win the top prize of a 5-night stay for two at Meeru Maldives! Other prizes included 5 dive packages in Egypt and Maldives which we are sure the lucky winners will love. We hope those of you who visited the show found our stage presentations about diving, waterspoorts activities, resorts and dive centres useful and interesting. Some of you may have also heard Harald Hois, a journalist from TAUCHEN, talking about how to take the perfect photo when diving with us – he is definitely the expert on this since he has visited almost all Euro-Divers Maldives dive centres!

2025 Show Diary Dates

  • Paris International Dive Show 9th to 12th January 2025
  • Boot Düsseldorf – 18th to 26th January 2025

Euro-Divers is planning to be there, are you?