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AWARE Week is an environmental initiative set up by PADI and 2021 saw the fourth year of its celebration. The goal is to encourage and inspire the global dive community to organise or take part in local conservation activities such as beach and ocean clean ups, education activities and reviewing sustainable practices. The Euro Divers Team in the Maldives kicked off the week on 18th September by taking part in Clean Up the World, a global environmental event that sees an estimated 35 million people across the planet join together to clean up their local area.

The Maldives is known for its pristine beaches and reefs but even these need some help to remain that was as ocean currents can bring debris that has the potential to ham marine life and sea birds. Our team organised a beach clean up where they were joined by guests in collecting rubbish, and a lagoon and house reef dive to clean up underwater too. Of course, the clean ups are ongoing, whenever anything is spotted on the reefs or beaches that doesn’t belong there it is quickly removed to preserve the beautiful environment that we are so lucky to live and work amidst.

  • Clean Up The World
  • Clean Up The World2 Local Action For Global Impact 26/07/2024
  • Clean Up The World
  • 2 Beach Clean Up Local Action For Global Impact 26/07/2024

During PADI AWARE Week our guests were also able to take part in a quiz and enjoy presentations about sustainability – a subject very close to our hearts.

Events such as these have a huge impact, they may be small when you look at them individually but when the world comes together local action can have a huge global impact!

Clean Up The World Cover Local Action For Global Impact 26/07/2024

If you haven’t been able to join us for our AWARE Week events, you can still contribute to the cause at any time you visit by completing one of the fun and educational environmentally focussed courses during your next trip. Choose between the PADI AWARE Specialist, Dive Against Debris, Shark Conservation, Coral Reef Conservation, Fish ID and Peak Performance Buoyancy – they all go a long way in helping to increase awareness of the fragile marine environment.