November in Kani

November in Kani

November in Kani,

November in Kani 9 This month of November, we are glad to welcome a new team member: Thomas Toselli

Thomas is from south east of France where he lived for 22 years. He started to dive in 2014 in Thailand where he became instructor and been working until October 2018. He also has a passion for freediving and try to practice whenever he can.

We wish him all the best for the upcoming year 2019 in Maldives.

As a new season starts, Club Med has also lots of new faces in its G.O team, but not only!

November in Kani 11Kani is always improving itself with new services and activities. This time the hotel is happy to introduce the first flying trapeze in Maldives.

This new attraction available for kids and adult is opened from November 1st.

The 3 new GOs in charge of this activity, Alit, Mez and AJ are trained acrobats and will be happy to teach you the basics of flying trapeze. Once a week, they will also perform a circus show during white night beach dinner.

Many of our diving instructors have already tried: Sofia, Oceane, Veronique, Pascal and Thomas. PHOTO 2

It is just a matter of time before your lovely instructors becoming as confident in the sky as they are in the sea. PHOTO 3

So let’s all meet in Kani for some new adventures, this time not only underwater but also in the sky.