Newsflash from The Residence Maldives

Newsflash from The Residence Maldives

Dive centre manager euro divers

This is Vince

From July, a new manager (Vince) just arrived at The Residence Maldives and has started to make little change for the enjoyment of the Guests.

Newsflash from The Residence Maldives 9First, it was to get a bit of help from the Resort Management to get some paint done around the centre, little repairs here and there, some hammering, some cleaning and a lot of sweat to get our Dive and Water Sports Center looking good.

A place to be proud of.

It is not only the Dive and Water Sports Center that passed by the cleaning station but also the dhotis, our wooden Maldivians boats and our excursions speed boat.

Now that it is all shiny, just put on some shades when coming over or you might take the risk of getting blind.

The lagoon has been equipped with some fresh ropes for the comfort of the new-comers to scuba diving and the house reef equipped with a buoy to assist the instructor in doing their skills more efficiently.

Newsflash from The Residence Maldives 11The entire Euro-Divers team at The Residence Maldives, Caroline, Echo, Brian, Danni, Shageem, Shabaab, Nihad, Solih, Zaeem and Vince are just waiting for you to share some of our amazing dives.

As well as taking care that the fun aspect of the holidays are there with our excursions and our water sports.

Come and join us to meet our House Reef turtles or watch the grey reef sharks swimming in the current 10 minutes away from the Resort, with the guarantee to get the best seat as most of the time we are alone on the dive sites…

If fact in the first month, always alone…

On every dive sites…..

What a pleasure…