News From Kandooma Maldives

News From Kandooma Maldives

Happy New Year from the whole dive Team @ Euro-Divers Holiday Inn Kandooma.

Starting the year with new things.

black tip shark kandooma maldives euroi divers

Black tip shark

grey reef shark kandooma maldives euro divers

Grey reef shark

Lots of expectant grey reef sharks around the Thila and lots of baby sharks having their first outing in the lagoon. These little beasty babie at around 25cm long look like appetizer for the jackfish 😉 Nevertheless, they do it all like their parents.

The water is now getting clear around Kandooma and the visibility can rech 30 meters at the right time.

What time? I will not say 😉 You will have to come over here and dive with us for these little secret pleasures. Such as magic moments with dolphins, as this morning for the third time this year, surprised at a safety stop by a whale shark or winked at by a Guitar Ray from down below.

It is now the dry season and clouds are things of the past. The sun the sand and a gentle breeze are awaiting for your nest visit.

Kandooma Team wishes you a Happy New Year and many happy bubbles!