News Flash Kandooma

News Flash Kandooma

Guraidhoo Corner scuba diving Maldives Euro DiversKandooma Thila Best Dive Sites in MaldivesIn my second newsletter for Euro-Divers Kandooma Island Resort, we started diving on some of the best dive sites in the Maldives (Kandooma Thila & Guraidhoo Corner).

And that month really showed us why it was so fantastic, finding ourselves even more than usual with the water getting clearer and clearer all of the time.

For this “Newsflash Kandooma”, here are a few weather facts:

  • Water Temperature 28° Celsius to 29° Celsius
  • Air Temperature 30° Celcius to 35° Celsius
  • Underwater Visibility 20 to 40 Metres (60 to 120 Feet)

Diving conditions at Kandooma from December to April

This is the time to rest for Mother Nature and offer us a whole world of peace and harmony with crystal waters that will let you enjoy the brightness of the coral life. It is also when drift diving is at its best; it is shark season for the divers and mating season for the sharks.

What does this means? It just means that sharks are concentrated on looking for the perfect females and trying their best to seduce them while completely ignoring anything else.

During this time divers can get really close to them and enjoy the thrilling proximity.

Join us for a few exciting dives this season.

See you soon!