Meet Thakuru the turtle

Meet Thakuru the turtle

Meet Thakuru the turtle 13

On 7th July a gardener from the island found an injured turtle on the beach.

The poor animal only had 1 fin left and lost the others.

Due to this he could not swim away from the shallow water on the beach.

The gardener informed the staff from Euro-Divers Velidhu in order that somebody could help this poor little fellow.


Meet Thakuru the turtle 15We got in contact with Marine Savers who have 2 “turtle clinics”: One in Baa Atoll and the other in North Male Atoll.

They confirmed that they had a place to take care of the turtle on Kuda Huraa, North Male Atoll.

With the help of one of the local island speed boats the distressed turtle could leave Velidhu the same day for the airport where he changed boat in order to reach Kuda Huraa.

It is a male turtle – we named him Thakuru – and he had a lot of algae on his carapace and his head.

Meet Thakuru the turtle 17After a good cleaning he looked already refreshed and got some liquids as for the first days he didn’t wanted to eat.

On his 3rd day in Kuda Huraa he started eating.

Thakuru is a little foodie as he prefers the lobster meals to the reef fish meals. He is in a good mood despite he lost 3 of his 4 fins.

We wish him a long happy life!