Meet Jinah, one of our staff member

Meet Jinah, one of our staff member

jinah diving instructor maldivesJinah is one of our staff member. His professional fulfillment within Euro-Divers since he joined the company in 2012 shows that everyone can succeed if you work hard. Here is his story:

“I loved going swimming since I was a kid. I like everything with water. My grandfather is a sailor, so I always went out with him sailing since young.

When I started to work in the tourism industry in 2004, I saw many opportunities as a professional, but I couldn’t forget the joy when sailing with my grandfather.

watersports residence maldivesIn 2012 I had the opportunity to join Euro-Divers as a watersports helper and an excursion guide at “The Residence Maldives“.

I discovered windsurfing and catamaran sailing with the instructors there. The company gave me the choice to build my career the way I wished, either water sports or scuba diving instructor.

They were willing to help me with any of them. I chose to become a watersports instructor in 2013 and got promoted as a watersports supervisor by the company immediately afterwards.

My life changed straight away. While enjoying my work as a watersports instructor, I also started to dive at that time and I did my PADI Open Water Diver course.

During the resort pre-opening time I was helping the dive team to discover dive sites in our area. I was born in this atoll and lived very close by, so I knew the area pretty well.

I really started to enjoy being underneath.

black tip shark kandooma maldives euroi diversThere are many nice channels, beautiful hard corals, lots of sharks and strong currents, too. I really loved it.

I continued and became a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and Enriched Air Diver in 2014.

Amari Havooda MaldivesIn the end of 2015 I have been transferred to Amari Havodda for the resort pre-opening. I started to join boat dives whenever I had the possibility to learn more and to observe how to guide and assist the divers as my next goal was clear for me, I wanted to become a PADI Open Water Diving Instructor.

At this time, my manager Karlis and the whole team supported and encouraged me to move forward and to take the challenge.

They helped me to get my PADI Rescue Diver course and in the beginning of 2017 I managed to become a PADI Divemaster.

After a long preparation and training, I reached my goal: I became a scuba diving instructor 2 weeks ago and I am very happy about it and looking forward to some amazing dives with our clients. J”

Congrats buddy!