May was the month of wind and rain but…

May was the month of wind and rain but…

Dear fellow divers,

The month of May was highlighted by rain and wind here at Eriyadu.

Well, for most of our guest it was not a big deal. After all, you don’t get wet from the rain when you are diving 😉

Temperature was still up to 30’C and the activities offered at the dive center and on the Island are not limited to good weather conditions.

Anyway, it has not been raining consistently. There was several hours with sunshine every day which we used to go out for diving or snorkeling. Don’t let your holiday be spoiled by rain and wind. Most of our activities even will take part in “bad” weather conditions.

The monsoon rain is essential to the Maldives. It fills the fresh water reservoir on each and every island.

marine life information eriyadu island resortThis month we started to do a Marine Life presentation at Blizz Bar.

Some curiosities about the marine life and the reef structure of the Maldives.

The presentation will be every Thursday.

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