Mantas are coming back

Mantas are coming back

Mantas are coming back to the Lankan cleaning station

DCM Kurumba - MANTA Salsa (News letter)With the help of Manta Trust we were able to ID the manta we encountered, which is known as Salsa (MV-MA-0069). Salsa is a mature female manta that was first identified in November 2004 at Lankan Beyru, North Male.

She is quite the ‘show off’ and has been sighted a total of 122 times, all of which have been recorded in North Male Atoll.

This beautiful female has been recorded to be pregnant three times since Manta trust first documented her in their system, once in 2006, again in 2009, and more recently in November 2016.

She was believed to have been in her third trimester when last seen in November 2016.

It looks like there might be a little Salsa Junior in our midst…as Salsa seems to have given birth and is no longer sporting the large baby bump.

Mantas are coming back 9We were as well very lucky to snorkel with a huge group of Pilot whales on one of our 2 tank dive trip within the surface interval time between the 2 dives 🙂

Mantas are coming back 11As we were in the Easter holiday time we had lots of Kids 8 & 9 years old doing Bubblemaker program.

On the 22nd of April was Earth Day and we successfully cleaned our house reef and lagoon with the help of our guests and the Hotel Staff.

We would like to Introduce our New Toy!

Meet PETER, your diving buddy

A revolutionary multi-user diving system that supplies air from the surface. The safest, easiest, most comfortable and versatile.

peter diving system maldives kurumbaThe PETER Diving system uses compressed air tanks like a SCUBA system but utilizes long air lines that allow the tanks to remain on the surface while the diver explores the world below the waves.

Without the need for buoyancy control devices and with the safety that comes from being attached to a floating object on the surface.

PETER Diving System is simple and ideal for first-time divers as young as 8 years, also suitable for the elderly and handicapped.

Even if you are an experienced snorkeler or diver, you will be surprised of the feeling of freedom & comfort when diving without tanks on your back.

Ekaterina KurmanovaWe also would like to introduce our new Instructor joining the team.

Ekaterina (Katya) from Russia.

She speaks English and Russian. She is looking forward to share the beautiful dive experience here in Kurumba with you all 🙂

Sunny regards,

Euro-Divers Kurumba Maldives Team