Manta mania at Lankan this June

Manta mania at Lankan this June

Manta mania at Lankan Manta Point this June

June was very quiet so we had a lot of time to look into our equipment servicing and diving center maintenance…

And we had very successful Manta sighting at the cleaning station!

The dive site Lankan is an outside reef which all level of divers can dive and it’s an easy dive site. There is a cleaning station starting at a depth of 13 meters and goes down to 20 meters. Mantas pass by on top of the station to get the spa treatment from the cleaner wrasse. All divers positioned them self all around the cleaning station to enjoy the show 🙂

Find below some Manta ID information which we had the chance to ID with the help of Manta trust:

12/06/2017- Lankan Beyru:

Wodney (MV-MA-0046) is a juvenile female manta that was first identified in September 2005 at Sand Dune. Wodney has been spotted a total of 8 times, and made her first appearance in North Male in November 2009. This gorgeous girl was last seen in August 2016, enjoying a scrub from the cleaner fish at Lankan Beyru.

Maan (MV-MA-4061) is an adult male manta that was first identified in October 2016 at Muli Kandu in Meemu Atoll. Interestingly, this handsome fellow has not been spotted again since then, so I am thrilled to receive this update from you and to hear that Maan has recently been spotted way up in North Male. Great sighting.

24/05/2017-Lankan Beyru:

Spoonman (MV-MA-0251) is an adult male manta that was first identified in October 2006 at Lankan Beyru. Spoonman has been spotted a total of 11 times, with all encounters taking place in North Male Atoll. This handsome guy was last seen in August 2016 enjoying a nice tickle from the cleaner wrasse at Lankan Beyru.

Special day for all the ladies, 15th July 2017 World Women Dive Day!

We will be offering for all ladies -15% Discount on all Beginner courses and fun dives for all certified female divers, the special offer will be from 15th July to 21st July 2017.

Hope to see as many lady divers diving here with Kurumba with us 

Hoping to see you all for the amazing encounters under water

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