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The Maldives is well known as THE destination of love, a place for honeymooners and romantic escapes but it’s also the destination of love for scuba diving! Countless people try diving for the first time during a holiday in the Maldives and declare love at first dive. Others return time and time again and can’t bear to be away from their love for too long!

The clear, calm and warm waters surrounding the luxury resort islands are home to coral reefs abundant with incredible marine life – from clouds of tiny glassfish to the biggest fish in the sea, the whale shark; from graceful manta rays to turtles and sharks. The conditions are about as perfect as you can get and even total beginners can get in on the action and have thrilling dives, safe in the hands of their instructor.

Padi Discover Scuba Diving Program

Euro-Divers offers single try dives as well as the hugely popular PADI Discover Scuba Diving program, designed to allow you to get in the water and experience the joy of scuba diving without the need to study or complete courses whilst on holiday.

It’s likely that once you’ve dived on the spectacular reefs that surround or resorts, you’ll want to repeat the experience and you can do exactly that – another day, another reef!

Scuba diving is the perfect activity for couples to try together. As a buddy team you will share the experience and enjoy reminiscing about all the exciting things you saw over a beer in the bar – by the end of the night the shark will have been a few metres bigger than it actually was!

You will arrive in the Maldives as a romantic couple but when you leave there will be another love (or two!) in your life…diving, and the Maldives!