Lemon shark at Dhigali

Lemon shark at Dhigali

dhigali maldives lemon shark

Lemon shark

Walking on the beach around Dhigali we spotted several baby sharks swimming really close to the shore.

We identified 3 different species, blacktip reef shark, nurse shark and lemon shark!

If you can recognize the blacktip reef shark thanks to the black spot on top of their fins, the difference between the lemon and nurse shark is more subtle.

The nurse shark has a grey colour with the first dorsal fin far away from the pectoral fins when the lemon shark has a grey, yellowish colour with the first dorsal fin right behind the pectoral fins.

It is really amazing to have the chance to watch baby sharks in the wild, especially those lemon shark that are usually really shy and hard to see in Maldives.

Lemon shark at Dhigali
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