Kurumba Maldives 45th Anniversary

Kurumba Maldives 45th Anniversary

October 3rd was celebrated as Kurumba Maldives 45th Anniversary.

Opened in 1972, Kurumba Maldives is known as the country’s first resort. Its beautiful name is derived from the Dhivehi word that means Young Coconut.  It is a great pleasure as well for Euro-Divers to be part of the celebration.

Our Euro-Divers Kurumba Multi repeater guest Mr. Shinichiro Yamaguchi and Ms. Aida Kyoko has been so many times diving with us here in Kurumba and it is a great pleasure to dive with them. They have been so loyal that they are coming twice a year to dive with us. For Mr. Shinichiro it is been now more than 72 times here in Kurumba with us.

This time Kyoko first dive was log as her 800 dive at our beautiful top 10 dive site HP REEF! She was very excited about this. On behalf of Euro-Divers Kurumba she got a Diploma stating the completion of 800 log dives.

And again we will see them without any doubt next year 2018 April and October for some great diving.

We are celebrating our 45th Anniversary.

Join us as we celebrate this great milestone of Kurumba Maldives.



We were again able to ID some Manta rays with the help of Manta Trust.

The Manta is called Alanta and its ID code is MV-MA-0176.

It was first seen at Lankan in August 2006 and since then has been sighted 26 times!



Yuma (MV-MA-2044)

Yuma (MV-MA-2044)

Yuma (MV-MA-2044) was first seen at Lankan in 2011. Since then he has been spotted at Sunlight Faru and Lankan a grand total of 11 times and seems to enjoy North Male rather a lot, as he has never been sighted outside of this atoll. He was last sighted checking in at his favourite cleaning ground in June, it is great to see he is still at Lankan a few months on.

Badstruber (MV-MA-2406)

Badstruber (MV-MA-2406)

Badstruber (MV-MA-2406) is an Adult male manta that was first identified in November 2011 at Lankan Beyru. He has been sighted a total of 11 times with all encounters taking place in North Male Atoll. Badstruber was last seen in February 2017, enjoying a belly scrub from the cleaner wrasse over at Rasfari Corner.

It is lovely to see that you have enjoyed another encounter with this handsome fellow recently and great to see that he is enjoying some time around Lankan these days.

Kurumba Maldives 45th Anniversary 5


Susi (MV-MA-3473) is a juvenile female manta that was first identified in October 2014 at Miyaru Kandu. Susi has been sighted a total of 14 times and seems to enjoy spending her ‘holidays’ is Ari Atoll. She has been sighted in Ari Atoll twice, once in 2013 and again in 2015. Susi was last seen on the 29th of June 2016, gulping down mouthfuls of plankton in Miyaru Kandu in Vaavu Atoll. Interestingly this is the first reported sighting of Susi enjoying some time in North Male Atoll. Very exciting to now add a new destination to this travelling girls map.. thank you !

Kurumba Maldives 45th Anniversary 7

Baskervilliain (MV-MA-3554)

Baskervilliain (MV-MA-3554) is an adult male manta that was first identified in 2014 at Sunlight Faru. He has been seen 8 times around the North Male and Rasdhu atolls but has not been seen since this time last year, so it is great to have him back on the map again!

New toys have arrived, 3 brand new aquaProp Underwater-Scooters. The scooters are Engineered by bonex. The first compact, lightweight underwater scooter (DPV or Diver Propulsion Vehicle) which that meets the high demands of scuba divers. This scooter features a very low weight of just 6 kg and can be used in a wide range of environments.

Kurumba Maldives 45th Anniversary 9Control of the scooter is possible using one or two hands. With two available speeds, runtimes of up to 75 minutes can be achieved making it the ideal companion for divers.

Fun in the ocean in our beautiful dive sites, for anyone who loves the water!

Hoping to see you all for this amazing encounters under water 

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Sunny regards,

Euro-Divers Kurumba Maldives Team.