Kurumba in December

Kurumba in December

Sometimes you just have one of those days!

During the afternoon dive on the 2nd of December, Hussein and Myself were diving on Back Furana / Furana Thila. I was diving with my scuba diver student at 12m deep when all of a sudden Hussein (which was diving with his divers at the 25m zone) started to do crazy moves under water, he was dancing and clawing with his hands. Turned out that his enthusiastic behavior was caused by the sighting of a Tiger shark. Off course diving more than 12 years in the Maldives and finally spotting your first Tiger Shark a diver wouldn’t react any less crazy.

After this amazing encounter, we continued our dive (off course a bit jealous because me and my student didn’t see the Tiger shark). When crossing to Furana Thila, and diving on the top off the Thila around the 8m mark. J looked up and to my complete amazement I saw at first a few Manta’s feeding on the surface. What were initially just a few of them, soon became 30+Manta Rays all feeding on the surface. We had the luck of observing this fantastic display for over 15min. just a few meter above our heads.

Needless to say that the afternoon dive on the 2nd of December can be easily qualified as a “National Geographic “dive 😉

Kurumba in December 5David Murdoch one of our multi repeater guests celebrated his 66th birthday with us on the 3rd of December.

A cake, some drinks and well decorated boat awaited him after the dive.

After a short celebration on the boat we met up in the bar for a drink and a nice time.

Happy Birthday again David!

Our team welcomed also our new Russian speaking instructor, her name is Valeriia and is from Ukraine.

On the 8th of December we had some divers coming from the “AIDA Bella” a cruise ship which leaves from Dubai and after a 3 week journey will arrive in Thailand. The ship stayed for 2 days in Male and we had the pleasure to organize a day of diving for them. 14 people did our 2-tank dive and had a great time, after the dive we dropped them back on their ship. We wish them smooth sailing.

For now, we wish you a happy New Year 2018 and hope to welcome you on one of our dive boats this year.

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Sunny regards,
Euro-Divers Kurumba Maldives Team.