Kandooma News Flash

Kandooma News Flash

Well on the way in the festive season with the Dom Perignon flowing, the foie gras and it’s sweet apple sauce calling you, the lobster ready to be enjoyed with a little bit of lemon butter and off course calories by the bucket resulting in 2 kilos extra around the hips. Fortunately the clear waters around Kandooma are just waiting for us to jump in and get moving.

It’s time to visit us here at Kandooma, we all need to dive…; dive…; dive… and get these superfluous inches around the waist to go away at least until the next festive season.

I keep on talking about the big fish life around our Kandooma Thila but with our heavy load of good food to carry, we have some small marine life as well, just to take it easy 😉

Look carefully and you will see, the Ocean is teeming with small sluggish animals, creepy crawlers and ramping one. Look… and look again… they will just show themselves once your eyes are trained.

Only one way to do it! Come and dive with us at Holiday Inn Kandooma.