June was a good month!

June was a good month!

June was a good month at Euro-Divers Vilamendhoo.

A month of mainly good weather, plenty of sunshine, a soft breeze coming from the south-west and calm seas. We are now officially in the ‘wet’ season or the South-West Monsoon, after the typical, stormy change in May.

With this season the water has become rich in plankton, lowering the visibility a bit but bringing a lot of fish and other marine life to our reefs.

whale shark maldives

Whale Shark Smiling 😉

Despite the South-West Monsoon, for a large part of June we have had currents changing and often coming from the north-east.

Close to new-moon currents were quite strong and we have had some exciting dives in the Digurah Channel.

A bit farther south, in the whaleshark Marine Park, we have been seeing quite a few of these majestic giants, both snorkeling and diving. The last trip one individual whaleshark even stayed with the divers for about 15 minutes.

The mantas have also moved over to our side of the Atoll and started frequenting our two cleaning stations Mahibadhoo Madivaru and Coral Hills.

While we cannot always find them there, on some trips we have had up to 11 mantas on the cleaning station and up to 15 mantas feeding on the surface close by. Without a doubt, days like that leave us breathless.

Ornate Ghost Pipe Fish

And as if the big things weren’t enough, lately we have had an invasion of ghost-pipe fish, with five ornate ghost-pipe (Solenostomus paradoxus) fish on the north side of Vilamendhoo house-reef alone and several finds on other reefs.

This month the Vilamendhoo dive center has incorporated three new team members: Matthias from Germany, Chika from Japan and CĂ©line from Martinique.

We wish them a warm welcome and hope you will have some wonderful dives with them.

Additionally Ryan from France has joined us for a period of two months as an intern, to learn about the management of a dive center.

Since the seas are quite calm these days it is the perfect time to try out our new SUP boards and tour the reef from above. Sailing conditions are good, or rather perfect to enjoy the magnificent Maldivian sunsets on board our catamaran.

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