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Those who know little about sharks fear them, but those who have had the privilege of being in their presence in the ocean, adore them and actively seek them out and they are highlights of diving trips.

Despite their fearsome reputation, sharks are responsible for far fewer fatalities per year than falling coconuts, ants, and lightning strikes; humans are simply not on the sharks’ menu.

Shark 4 The Importance Of Saving The Ocean’s Sharks 26/07/2024

Sharks are apex predators and as such play a vital role in the health of our oceans, without them the entire ocean ecosystem would fall out of balance. Not only do they maintaining the species below them in the food chain and helping to remove the sick and weak, but through this they also indirectly maintain the seagrass meadows and coral reef habitats, both of which support a huge diversity of species.

Sadly, sharks are threatened with extinction due to overfishing and indiscriminate fishing methods, habitat loss and climate change, and their protection is hampered by the fear some hold over these impressive creatures.

Euro-Divers is proud to be supporting two important shark conservation initiatives this July: Great Shark Snapshot and Big Shark Pledge. Between 22nd and 30th July we will be keeping a record of all sharks and rays seen as part of Shark Trust’s citizen science project and if you will be with us, please join in!

How can you help? Whether you will be with us or not during this time, you can help by adding your voice to the the Big Shark Pledge by signing the petition for one of the biggest campaigns for shark conservation. The aim is to get protection for the sharks and rays of the high seas. Although many nations protect sharks in their own nation’s waters, in shared ocean spaces of the open ocean sharks and rays face a huge threat from international fishing fleets on a massive scale and it is estimated that populations have declined by 71% in the past 50 years.

Sign the Big Shark Pledge

Great Shark Snapshot Shark Trust The Importance Of Saving The Ocean’s Sharks 26/07/2024