High Season Diving in the Maldives

High Season Diving in the Maldives

With the last few months spent at home during the Covid-19 pandemic, the closest to diving many people could get was in their bathtub, but with the possibility of travel now on the horizon it’s time for some positive vibes and holiday planning! What could be a better plan than a diving holiday to the Maldives in high season? The Maldives is a beautiful destination with great diving all year round but in high season it’s simply incredible…

Stretching from November through to April, high season is defined by blue skies, the tropical sun beating down and a glittering ocean that, on many days, is as flat as a mirror with a myriad of blues reflecting back at you. Diving from the boat in water so clear that the reef can be seen clearly even before jumping in is just one of the joys that await. Visibility can reach 40+ metres and creates stunning conditions for not only divers and snorkelers but avid photographers too – both above and below the surface.

High Season Diving in the Maldives 1

Everyone needs some sunshine in their lives right now and our dive centers will all be open in time for, what promises to be a great high season with whale shark, sea turtle and ray encounters just a holiday booking away. We hope to be jumping into the mirror-like Indian Ocean with you very soon!

For those who just can’t wait, check our re-opening dates here and you might even be able to arrive in time to catch manta season, which is usually in full swing until the end of October!