Ghosts at Eriyadu Island Resort

Ghosts at Eriyadu Island Resort

Hello Divers!

You maybe asking: What was going on in June at Euro-Divers Eriyadu!

In June a lot of divers joined our fantastic house reef.

Sylvia and Enrico found 2 Ghost Pipefish close to entrance 307. Well done, guys 

Our Full Day excursions to Lankan Manta Point have been successful as usual.

The second dive on this trip at Tuna Factory is always thrilling. Surrounded by Feathertail Stingrays and about 60 Moray the size of an Anaconda 😉

Just kidding, but they grow really big there.

Forecast for July at Eriyadu Maldives:

We are pleased to announce the PADI worldwide WOMEN DIVE DAY at Euro Divers Eriyadu. Ladies will benefit of 50% discount on house reef snorkeling on the 15th of July.

Together with the Resort we organize a Maldivian short eats buffet and also Cocktails and Mocktails at 4:00 pm at the Dive Center. All activities between 15th and 21st of July will be 10% discounted for Ladies.

Every Tuesday during the month of July and August we will have a Euro Divers Smartline Eriyadu CHILDRENS DAY. All children younger than 16 years will receive a discount of 10% on all activities on this day.

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