From Meru Island General Manager

From Meru Island General Manager

From Meru Island General Manager 5Dear Friends of Meeru,

Tropical greetings to all of you from our Island paradise!

June is the real start of our Summer Season and the school holidays seem to have started already in some places around Europe. When I walk around the Island, I can see families with children and teenagers enjoying their vacation. It’s nice to meet many familiar faces again – the kids who have grown one year older and meeting the very same friends from the previous year, here in Meeru again. The weather is great too, so everyone is enjoying their vacation.

Those of you who are familiar with Meeru will know that inside the tropical Island, a portion has been allocated for a fruit, vegetable and herb garden. Over the past few months, we have significantly improved the production and quality of our very own Meeru Garden. We organically grow a healthy variety of garden greens, lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomato, Asian green vegetable, lemongrass, many varieties of chilies, Thai basil, watermelon, papaya, banana and many more items. This fresh produce is supplied daily directly into our kitchen, contributing to the healthy living of guests and staff alike. So, if you are a guest on Meeru, please feel free to visit our garden area and see for yourself. Mr. Moosa, our Garden Supervisor, will be more than pleased to proudly show you around.

June 14 is the starting date of what is arguably the biggest sporting event in the world – the 2018 FIFA World Cup, held in Russia. Many of our guests are big fans of “the beautiful game”, as it is called, and, of course despite being away from home, you will be able to watch each and every game, live and on a big screen. The Dhoni Bar, our 24-hour bar, will be transformed into our World Cup Bar, sporting flags and memorabilia from all the participating countries. The waiters will be dressed for the occasion too. Come and visit us! It is great fun to watch the football matches live, together with many other guests from all around the world. Live screening times are also rather convenient as most games are set to start at 1700, 2000 and 2300 hours, Meeru time. So let’s all meet there and watch some great games.

Keep in touch please via all our social media channels. A big thank you to everyone for keeping the channels buzzing with information, pictures and comments. Our Live Cams are online too, just for you to take a glimpse of the current weather and provide you with a dose of that Meeru feeling.

Thank you all for your loyalty to Meeru. My team and I wish you a great month ahead and see you around.

Kind regards from all of us.

Walter C. Kaufmann, General Manager