Euro-Divers offers all repeater guests a 15% repeater discount on dive packages and courses.

The Euro-Divers stamp in your logbook verifies you as a repeat guest; please remember to bring your logbook.

Please contact and let us know which Euro-Divers dive centre you have previously visited when you booked for the first time to get your repeater discount. Once registered in the system, you will automatically get the repeater discount when you book again.

Important note:

The repeater discount only applies to the actual repeating guest and can not be used for other persons who might book together with you or for whom you are paying.

Non-repeating clients have to make a separate booking.

The above discount applies only to the price of the dives and courses. It does not include any equipment rental, boat fees, student kit or certification.

Pre-bookings can only be done until latest 7 days prior to arrival to guarantee and confirm your booking.

Any questions regarding your booking will be answered within 2 working days.

All pre-bookings must be paid before arrival via bank transfer (no credit card payment).

You will receive a booking confirmation immediately after booking and your final invoice with updated payment status once the payment is received.

If you do not receive your invoice with updated payment status after the bank transfer is successful (allow 1-2 working days), please contact

Yes, you can book dives or courses locally.

It is advisable to pre-book your dives or courses as you save ~10% compared to the local price lists. Pre-bookings can be done directly at Book My Dives.

A medical certificate is not mandatory if you are generally in good health.

Before starting any diving activity, a medical questionnaire must be completed and signed. If you have any sicknesses or are taking any medication, we recommend having a medical certificate issued in advance to avoid possible delays.

If a valid certificate of fit-for-diving is confirmed and presented on-site, the certificate should be:

  • not older than 1 year if you are 40 years or older
  • not older than 2 years if you are under 40 years old

A medical certificate is mandatory for diver(s) who are 75 years or older. No diving activities will be possible until DAN has cleared the respective person for diving. Please send the details to the respective dive centre at least 10 days before your arrival to ensure that clearance from DAN can be obtained.

Read All Important Medical Advice.

It is not mandatory but highly recommended. Some insurance will cover decompression treatment and transportation while others do not.

Get Covered with DAN Europe:

Our tanks are fitted with DIN or INT valves and can be used with either DIN or INT (yoke regulators).

Yes, we accept all major credit cards.

In Egypt, only cash or bank transfers will be accepted. No payments with cards.

Tips should be given voluntarily and based on the quality of the service provided. Tips, of course, are very much appreciated by the crew.