Connect with the Ocean while Freediving

Connect with the Ocean while Freediving

The Euro-Divers Maldives team at Club Med Kani has been exploring their incredible underwater backyard from a new perspective recently – the whole team has been learning the art of freediving, and share their experience with you here…

Freediving Club Med Kani Maldives

Freediving, diving down on a single breath, unhindered by equipment was an alien experience to us, scuba diving is what we do every day and has always been our main focus but we’ve loved the challenge of exploring the aquatic world in this new way.

Our Freediving Instructors, Thomas, Gal and Joey, taught us the basics, and just from learning how to control the breathing, preparing the body and mind for the dive and, getting familiar with important safety procedures, we noticed an improvement in our abilities right from the start. We found that the absolute key to improvement was to practice the breathing and relaxation techniques on land first. Understanding the physiological process of how the body works in terms of breathing made everything click into place while meditation and yoga contributed hugely to a relaxed state of mind.

Freediving with a turtle Maldives

We love the new challenge that freediving has given us, we like how it reinforces the buddy system and the fact that we can now swim beside a turtle or shark with a single breath! We’ve felt a different kind of connection with the ocean to that which we’ve known when diving on scuba, the absolute silence is beautiful.

We would definitely recommend learning to freedive during your next trip to the Maldives – it’s the perfect environment – the warm, clear water means you don’t have to go deep but can still see the incredible marine life for which the Maldives is so famous.

What are you waiting for? Come and try freediving with us!

– The Euro-Divers Club Med Kani Team