scuba team

oliOliver Weissensteiner

Position: Dive Center Manager

Diving Professional since 2003, but fascinated with the underwater world since my first freediving and spearfishing experiences as a teenager. I traveled the 7seas, explored and visited many countries, and lived like a pirate on the sea.  The thing I love most in my life, is diving and sharing this beautiful experiences with others. I started in Australia, then went to Egypt, Honduras and Mexico. Came to the Maldives in 2008, where I started working with Euro-Divers, first in Vilamendhoo, then Eriyadu, and finally Kandooma where I stayed for over 3 years until the end of 2012. Immediately the dive sites, the current, and the marine life of the Maldives fascinated me. Now after having spend 2 years home skiing, and motorbiking in the alps, and a few months in Malta to explore the Wrecks, Caves and work on my technical diving certifications and education, I’m back with our Euro-Divers Family. And i am very pleased to be able to “dive with friends” once again.

“The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever” J.Y.Cousteau


Caroline Dehu

Position: Assistant Dive Centre Manager

Assistant Dive Centre Manager

I blew my first bubbles in French Polynesia and since then diving has never left my mind. I decided to quit my life in France to become a dive instructor and the dream came true! Egypt, Thailand, Maldives, Bali, I like to work where I can meet big fish and I would be pleased to share my passion with you!


Yuki Mukainakano

Position: Instructor

Hi, my name is Yuki and I am from Japan. I had my first diving experience in North Japan,and since have travelled with my diving gear all over the world. I love to be under the water, which is my meditation. I like mantas and also very small macro life. Hopefully see you soon to share a wonderful underwater experience.



Emma Bolton

Position:Marine Biologist

Hi my name is Emma and I am from the UK. Since my first ocean adventure I have been fascinated by the underwater world which is why I decided to study marine biology and become a diving instructor! I am here working as a marine biologist for the Manta Trust with Euro-divers, studying the manta ray population and also other marine life. So please come and say hello and learn about the ocean life with me!


jennifer-picmalaysia-flagJennifer Foo Syn Yee

Position: Instructor

My name is Jennifer from Sabah, Malaysia. Living in a place which is very close to the world’s top best dive site, Sipadan Island. No reason not to be a diver. In 2010, I took my first breathe underwater. Ever since, I fell in love with the calmness, being able to move freely underwater and of course the magnificent marine life. Working as a scuba instructor in the Maldives is no longer just a dream. In August 2016, I have joined Euro Divers and I am glad to be part of the team. Meeting people from all over the world was a pleasure and witness fear changed to courage. There are thousands of hidden jewels beneath the waves. Come and join us.


france flagRenaud Della Valle

Position: Instructor

Hi my name is Renaud, I am French from Orleans. When I was 10 years old, I did my first bubbles underwater, and for me was an amazing experience. I came back diving in Egypt 8 years later and I knew at this moment I would like to work as a diving instructor. Then few years later I did my instructor course and full cave diver in Mexico. I do this job since 5 years and love to share my passion with all my students around the world. In 2017, I joined Euro Divers in Meeru Island and I am very proud to be part on the team. Come and join us in this beautiful silent world.


Rebecca Tsai

Position: Guests Relations Officer

I’m from Taiwan. In 2016 I did my PADI Advanced with Euro-Divers in Kani, and since then I’m fascinated with the beautiful underwater world of the Maldives. After spending some time in Taiwan, I just had to come back to this beautiful place, so I joined the Euro-Divers Team in Meeru, to share my passion of what I see with you! Come join us for some great dives together, or some fun activities at the Watersports! Let us help you to make your holiday special for you!



Ramiz Udin

Position: Divemaster and Snorkeling Guide

My name is Ramiz, I arrived in Maldives 1998 first time. My first experience in the diving industry I gained on a compressor tender on several islands. In 2002 I did my first dive and was addicted immediately. Beside my work I worked on my professional diving career and become finally in 2011 PADI Divemaster. I love to show our guest the beauty below the surface and help them with their first steps into this beautiful world while snorkeling or diving. I hope to meet you soon here on Meeru.



Akram Adam

Position: Watersports Team

Being a Maldivian means, water is all around you. Since my childhood I was fascinated by Watersports. Since 2015. I work in the Watersport Center on Meeru and I hope to welcome you soon to introduce some of our Activities to you.



Jinan Ali

Position: Watersport Instructor

Since my childhood I was obsessed with the beach and water as it’s the most joyful & stress free atmosphere on earth . When I started working at watersports field it was like a dream come true. Since I started my watersports career, every day I am more than happy to teach watersports activities & give remarkable holiday to all my guests.


Siraj Adam

Position: Watersport Instructor

Hey it’s me Siraj. Since I was child, watersports is my passion, and I really wanted to work as an Instructor. So finally I got a job from Euro-Divers water sport center and I love to work with such an awesome team. I’m looking forward to welcome you here, and share my passion with you.