Following the eagle rays for an amazing dive

Following the eagle rays for an amazing dive

There is still plenty of time to book your diving holiday for this summer.

What about the Maldives? Well… Why not?

I could list a lot of good reasons for you to come here for your summer break. However, I will be nice and spare you the long list by giving you just a few examples 😉

Getting out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life without traffic lights and exhausted fumes to start your day.

Getting a little bit of a tropical tan while feasting on a large display of seafood delicacies complemented by a delightful massages to relax from this enormous boost of adrenaline, excitement and exhilaration you were exposed to while scuba diving around the island.

These are only two examples.

I have started so many lines to define what scuba diving in the Maldives is all about and every time I stop writing because the words are not matching reality. The words do not do it justice.

When I read a dive site description on the internet, I always wonder if this is real. Isn’t that beautiful description just a bit over the top, embellished and saturated in colors?

I know for example that if I try to put into words this morning dive we just enjoyed, you are going to take me for a lunatic, thinking that I am swelling it all up.

Here is what happened:

The divers and I jumped into the blue with 35 meters visibility. I drifted along the reef, carried by a gentle current taking me towards the reef corner. For over 8 minutes, I saw nothing but blue and darker blue. Then suddenly in front of me a school of eagle rays coming straight toward me! Of course they turned round and left 🙁

I was a bit gloomy to have seen them for only 30 seconds when I got surprised by grey reef sharks appearing all around us, 6, 7, 10, 15… with the 12 eagle rays coming back! I swam on their side, closing down on the school and unexpectedly, I found myself being one of them, in the middle of the pack, following the squadron for a amazing flight 🙂

diving with eagle rays kandooma maldives

This was 5 minutes of Magic…!

I can already hear people already saying now: “… yeh… yeh… yeh… in your dreams…” and I have not yet mentioned the last 20 minutes of the dive that got even better.

And this is my point! You have to get online, book the diving trip of a lifetime, dive it and live the story to tell about it. Then, people will think that you are also a dreamer, but you will know the truth.

Looking forward to seeing you very soon here at Euro-Divers Kandooma Maldives.