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Many people already know what Night Diving is, yet only a few have heard about Fluorescence Night Dive or simply Fluo Night Dive! So, if you believe you tried everything, then we have something new for you.

An ordinary night dive is a magical experience indeed, but diving with UV light is even more special – imagine that all that magic will be intensified! How it works? During your normal night dives, you might see bioluminescent plankton – as you move your hand through the water, you see thousands and thousands of sparkles – this is the plankton that lights up due to chemical reaction.

Fluorescent Scorpoin Fish

Fluorescence is something different. This is the ability of certain chemicals to give off visible light after absorbing radiation that is not ordinarily visible. Some marine critters and some corals will also absorb the blue ultraviolet light and give you a “wow” experience by showing a different colored light in return. Some of our guests even describe fluo diving as being floating into the world of Avatar.

Fluorescent Coral On Night Dive

You will need to be at least PADI Open Water certified, equipped with a special UV light and a yellow mask filter – then the world around you will be glowing in red, yellow, green, or purple colors. Our favorite “must-see” during the Fluo night dive will be anemones (the bright green colour is unbelievable) and scorpionfish (will turn into pinkish or red color). This type of diving requires you to feel comfortable underwater. Usually, it will be conducted in small groups because the visibility will be slightly more limited than during the regular night dives. Make sure to maintain a good buoyancy.

Fluorescence night dive is something relatively new in our diving world, and this is something you don’t want to miss! The Fluo night dive is available at all Euro-Divers diving centers – we look forward to showing you the true night magic of Maldives!