Fish Bio-fluorescence

fluo diving scorpoin fishIn 2014 Researchers from the American Museum of Natural History released a report that identified over 180 species glowing in a diverse colors and patterns.

It seems that bio-fluorescence is actually quite common and varied between fish species and indicates a probable use in communication and mating.The report also opens the door for the discovery of new fluorescent proteins that could be used in biomedical research.

It was a rather high-tech expedition that brought the researchers to the Solomon Islands, and using specialized equipment and submarines, they could observe bio-fluorescence at a epth of 1000 meters.

The video they put together is remarquable and very informative if you are curious about the marine life and the intreaguing phenomenon of bio-fluorescence. And its a pretty cool video to share.

Now as divers we have the possibility to witness the spectacular color displays from the underwater world while night diving and using a lot less high-tech equipment on a fluo dive.

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